Monday, December 31, 2007

Learning Routines

To begin the season this year, our coach sat each team down so we could select completely new music and write new routines. Because the routines were such a work in progress and underwent so many changes on what seemed to be a week to week basis, it was difficult to learn them.

The way our team overcame this obstacle was to designate a secretary. Actually, she kind of designated herself. She wrote out the routines for her own reference then very graciously shared it with the rest of us.

It turned out to be exactly what we needed. By the time we'd hit the fifth revision of the first half of the tech our heads would've been spinning with trying to remember what we changed and what we changed back etc.

The weekly routine draft allowed us to keep everything straight. It had an added benefit of keeping everyone on the right count. It was easier to question and correct counts when you could see them on paper rather than just trying to hear them while land drilling.

There are a couple ways to write out the routine.

Close to front layout 1-2, Pike 3-4, lift left leg to crane 5-6, Open to split 7-8

1 – Rt bent knee
2 – Lft bent knee
3 – Rt bent knee
4 – Hold
5 – Rt ballet leg
6 - Hold

It all depends on what's easier for you to read. I happen to prefer the former, I suspect because that's the first way I ever saw a routine written. I also found that it uses less paper.

If you can get a routine down on no more than two sheets of paper, you can put it in a gallon sized plastic bag and take it to the pool with you without worrying about getting it wet. I've found that the One Zip bags work best because the paper fits inside perfectly.

Happy swimming!!

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