Thursday, March 6, 2008

Basics: Foot First Scull

Now that you’ve learned the Head First Scull, let’s put a twist on it and go Foot First instead.

As you did with the Head First, start in your back layout.

Make sure that your head and hips are all in line on the surface of the water and your toes are pointed. Your chin should be back and your shoulders relaxed. Your elbows are bent slightly and your hands are at your hips.

To scull, flex your wrists so that your palms are slightly cupped from your wrists. Keeping your shoulders relaxed, move your arms gently in and out with your elbows. Your hands should reach slightly under your hips as you scull in and out, this time leading with your fingertips. Again, your hands will make gentle figure eights as you move.

This scull takes a little more work to keep your toes on the surface. As you scull, you might notice that you have the tendency to drop your hips. When you do that you make the scull harder because your butt is literally dragging.

To correct this, squeeze your butt to press your hips back to the surface. You’ll also note that your hands have more room to work when your butt is out of the way.

Another problem you’ll note is that your toes will tend to submerge. Tighten the muscles in your upper thighs to pull them up. Until your body is stronger, you’ll notice that it’s difficult to press your hips up and keep your toes up at the same time. No worries. Just keep working on it until you build the strength in both your core and your thighs.

Before you know it you’ll be skimming across the surface of the water with your toes leading the way! Just be careful when you get to the end of the pool. You don’t want to skin your toes on the pool wall. Trust me. It’s happened before and it’s not fun.

Happy Swimming!!!

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