Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We're Okay, Lifeguard. Really.

I hope I can tell this one right.

My favorite moment happened at the synchro class I take with a few of my teammates. We're all fairly new to the sport, but willing to give anything a try. We're kinda crazy that way.

After the World Masters in Perth, Australia, I was so excited to try some of the things I'd seen at competition. Naturally, I picked out something the winning 20s team did for our 50s trio. 'Cause I'm kinda crazy that way.

I was in a front pike and my one of my trio partners was to have her back to me and hook her arms behind her head, but around my legs so I would pull her over as I did a jumpover. She was supposed to end in a back tuck while I sat out of the layout then lifted her.

Simple, right?

For whatever reason, I couldn't get her to let go of my legs. She was holding on to them for dear life which meant I couldn't get out of the way for her to tuck. We tried this over and over with the same result. Maybe not exactly the same. It got worse and worse each time through.

The embarrassing part is that we must have looked really bad because the lifeguard was sitting poised on her chair ready to rescue us. She just knew we were about to drown. Needless to say this hasn't actually made it into a routine.

It has, however, given us a choreography standard. If a lifeguard thinks we're drowning while trying a hybrid, we're not including that hybrid in the routine. I suppose that's common sense....

Happy swimming!