Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Nationals: Outstanding Duets

Out of all the routines we saw at Nationals, three duets stand out in my mind as simply outstanding. There's no way I can rank them in terms of which I liked better so I'll just present them here in random order.

First up:
Russian Bells Duet. I call it that because I don't know who the swimmers are, but one was rumored to be Russian. The "bells" part is self explanatory once you see the video. The choreography is just wonderful. Enjoy!

Next up:
The Unsyncables' own Ymajahi Brooks and Jessica Bond. I have to admit that this music annoyed the crap out of me the few times I heard it at practice. After seeing them swim this routine, it made perfect sense.

John Ortiz and Hallie Todd of Tualatin Hills Synchro. They did an extremely creative Michael Jackson routine. Of course it was John, so the creativity is not all that surprising. Kudos!!

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