Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Fremantle Sights

On Sunday, we headed down to Fremantle to the market. Becoming pros at the whole transportation thing, it was pretty easy for us to catch the train to Fremantle. Since we were planning to be away all day with the heavy duty sightseeing with a short break for practice, we were advised to travel light.

The weather in Perth was Schizophrenic, as Jenni liked to call it. It would rain in the morning, but would clear up before noon. So by the time we'd gotten to the train, the rain was gone. Everyone, Dawn, Lea, Laurette, Becky, Karen, Sylvia, Natalie, Lindsay, Jenni and I went along for this excursion.

I really have to give it to the Aussies. They tend to express things in a much less watered down manner than we Americans. I saw my favorite example during the train ride to Fremantle. To give a little background, the train is not elevated and there are gates near the stations for pedestrians to cross the tracks. Of course this leads to lots of bright yellow warnings signs with black letters about crossing when a train is coming and the $250 penalty incurred if you get caught.

But my absolute favorite warning sign that was posted along the tracks said, "Your family won't have to worry about scattering your ashes. The train will do it for them." Isn't that fantastic? I tried to find it again to get a picture, but couldn't.

At the market, I saw my first ever boomerangs and Didgeridoos. I also had my first Bratwurst. Nothing like having your first German food in Australia. As we headed back to the train, Karen stopped for a chocolate croissant. Then we split up into two groups. We needed to get to the pool for practice, but we also wanted to come back and tour the Prison.

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