Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Groceries, Anyone?

Since we were staying in this fabulous apartment/hotel with a full kitchen, Karen suggested that we break up into groups of two who'd be responsible for cooking dinner each night. Jenni and I volunteered to go first.

As a group, we went on this massive grocery shopping spree to Woolworths. Yeah, I know. It's not a five and dime in Australia, though. Along for this grand adventure were Lea, Dawn, Becky (our honorary Unsyncable from Colorado), Laurette, Karen, Sylvia, Jenni and me.

Jenni and I decided on fajitas. I got the chicken and she got the tofu since she's a vegetarian. We both split the peppers, onions, salsa, cheese and tortillas between us and was ready for our cooking extravaganza.

Wanting breakfast, I found some ready made pancakes that weren't even refrigerated, much less frozen to try. Something else I though was cool were then individual servings of ham slices for sandwiches. Although, it's less cool now that I've seen them in Albertsons here in the States.

Jenni and I wanted to split some Doritoes, but the flavors were different. We picked a bag by the color and hoped for the best. Of course it worked out to be exactly what we wanted.

The two of us finished fairly quickly and ended up waiting just outside the store for everyone else. Due to the way it was constructed, we weren't truly outside. The shopping area was almost like an outdoor mall, but Woolworths was set back inside a a good sized alcove behind the gym entrance which was beneath it.

While Jenni and I waited, we couldn't resist the corner bakery that right there tempting us with its carbohydrates. I tried a pizza like concoction while Jenni opted for pastry that was stuffed and sweet. Either way, we enjoyed them while the rest of our team slowly joined us.

I was so thankful on the trip back to the hotel that we'd selected the fajitas. Between us, Jenni and I had only 7 bags. Poor Sylvia had at least 8 by herself. She was partnered with Karen who had maybe 5 or 6. I helped Becky with her bag of condiments never even realizing how attached I'd become to that yummy BBQ sauce.

After much juggling, we made it to the hotel and stored most of the food in our apartment. Karen and Sylvia grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed back to the pool with Dawn, Lea and Laurette. Karen was interested in attending the Technical Meeting. I'm not sure why Sylvia went. Jenni and I relaxed in the room until time for us to head to the pool for our music practice time.

Natalie and Lindsay met us at the pool since they'd just gotten in that day. The team practice revealed another problem. The pool wasn't long enough. Every time they swam through the team routine, they'd run into the far wall - which was actually a lane line that divided the synchro section from the diving section.

Determining that the length wasn't regulation, we moved the lane line back. What's with us decorating the pool all the time? The team tried the lap again. And still ran into the lane line. At that point, Lea and Karen finally had a reason to have the "younguns - Lindsay, Natalie, Jenni" slow down.

After practice, Jenni and I made our fabulous fajitas while everyone, except Natalie who had her parents and boyfriend along, sat around and chatted. All in all, the evening was lovely.

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